About us

The Drawdown provides vital insight and analysis for mid and back office private equity professionals.

As the industry matures, private equity firms are under increasing pressure to prove their ability to generate outsized returns on a repeatable basis. While successful track records are a key component in attracting fund commitments, of equal importance is proving how internal systems and processes ensure continued performance and mitigate risk. Furthermore, as the industry comes under increased and more stringent regulation, private equity firms require new and expert resources in order to ensure compliance.

Against this backdrop, the COO and CFO roles are rapidly evolving to define alpha-generating systems and processes, and curate optimal organisational structures. Furthermore, the Investor Relations function is continually expanding in order to properly communicate internal procedures and structures, while also meeting increased demands for greater transparency from investors and the wider public alike.

The Drawdown addresses and explores new demands facing the industry, as well as wider issues, to improve the effectiveness of private equity, and to maintain the industry’s leading status by encouraging responsible, socially aware behaviours.

Our commitments:

-To maintain the highest editorial standards of thorough research and verification, underpinned by a knowledgeable and well-connected team.

-To continually interact with a strong and close community of practitioners spanning the industry as a means of fostering collaboration and information sharing.

-To host impactful events facilitating the deepening of community relationships and sharing of ideas and knowledge, information and experience.

-To provide relevant and timely reporting of need-to-know industry developments.

-To supply advantageous insight to improve our audience’s effectiveness and performance.

-To maintain a deep understanding of our audience’s needs.

-Finally, to promote the humanness of private equity. While quality content and effective, relevant insight will be at the core of our work, we believe there is also room for humour and light-heartedness.

Alice Murray, Editor

Alice established The Drawdown in 2017.

She previously headed up communications and marketing at a UK early-stage venture capital firm, where she managed investor reporting and marketing activities. Prior to that, Alice was Editor of European private equity publication unquote” where she directed all content and events including The British Private Equity Awards.

Alice began her career at London-based publishing house Caspian Media, where she was a reporter for private equity-focused publication Real Deals. She then went on to join Argus Media, where she was Acting Editor of Argus FMB Ammonia.