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Industry voice: Getting to grips with tax insurance

by The Drawdown 2 January 2018

As fiscal legislation across the globe becomes more complex, tax insurance could offer some much needed certainty

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6 April 2020

WFH best practice: Life in lockdown

Consultants 3LDC return with their next instalment, this time looking at the longer term impacts of remote working and how to adapt processes

31 March 2020

WFH best practice: Emergency response phase

Nick Murphy from consultancy 3LDC outlines the do's and don'ts for the first phase of working from home

27 March 2020

Comment: Generation game

Shifting employee demographics are impacting compensation trends, writes EWM Global’s Raoul Kamath

27 February 2020

Comment: The outsourcing dilema

Jen Simkins of March Consultants says her connections are debating whether or not to outsourcing part of their operations

24 February 2020

Comment: Making tax digital

Louise Scholey, associate director at Grant Thornton provides a practical guide to taking tax into the digital age

27 January 2020

Video AGaMes

Private equity firms are turning to rich media as a way to spice up AGMs