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IDR launches next-generation fund subscription

by Silvia Saccardi 17 January 2023

IDR has launched its next-generation fund subscription service, which integrates internationally-compliant KYC and tax services with prepopulated investor profiles to authenticate investors once across their global portfolio.

The aim of the service is to connect fund managers and investors immediately via a single access token instead of a repetitive authentication procedure. The IDR team is able to support GPs and LPs with their knowledge of subscriptions and essential KYC reviews.

Key aspects include:

  • A digitalised sub-book compiled in a few days
  • Integrated KYC and tax services
  • Ability to prepopulate investor information (where IDR doesn’t already have it)
  • Easy subscription process for investors
  • Access to a pool of suitably qualified or accredited investors
  • Support from the IDR team with legal experience

Mark Quigley, subscription lead at IDR, commented: “We’re offering investors a single global access token to the private markets, and fund managers access to a wider pool of pre-approved investors in a seamless end-to-end experience.”

The launch follows the rollout of IDR’s MLRO service in November last year, which helps fund managers navigate AML and CFT compliance.

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