The Private Equity Editor’s Podcast 4

by Alice Murray 14 May 2020

This week Alice and Talya discuss the near-sourcing of supply chains; PE’s evolving application of data science; networks within the industry; private equity’s value-creation credentials as well as fund domicile stats.

Talya’s highlights from Real Deals

Movement of supply chains away from China and into the west

The post-Covid word will likely see companies and organisations thinking more carefully about supply chains, and finding ways to bring services and outsourced goods closer to home.

Cybersecurity and its impact on reputation

In the last month, three UK-based buyout firms have fallen victim to a cyber threat group dubbed ‘The Florentine Bank where only half the money was recovered and A survey carried out by PwC revealed that 80 per cent of private equity organisations have had a breach in the last 12 months.

Private equity’s value creation prowess

The Sunday Times’ latest Profit Track report, which came out at the end of April and tracks annual profit growth of UK businesses shows that 33 of the 70 businesses that are listed have had some form of private equity backing.

Alice’s highlights from The Drawdown

Growing sophistication of data applications in private equity

As the industry relies more heavily on digital technology and strategies during the lockdown, we have been delving into ways in which big data is being harnessed.

Networking groups for operational roles

Our recent investigation into networking groups found that while CFOs and FDs are well connected, these forums can only go so far in providing technical advice. Conversely HR networks have been a major lifeline during the crisis, which has massively disrupted ways of working. And finally, tech professionals have little in the way of networking, reflecting the newness of these roles.

Future of fund domiciliation report

North American funds marketing in Europe - only 29% are doing so via a passport. 47% are using private placement regimes, while 24% are using reverse solicitation.

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