Moving mountains

A quick look at consultancy Holland Mountain’s recent developments, and the drivers behind them
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As private equity firms continue to grapple with mounting operational burdens, service providers are working out how to provide more succinct offerings.

One such organisation is Holland Mountain, a boutique management consultancy helping firms with technology and operations, which in recent months launched a new data services business line and announced it will be formalising vendor partnerships.

Discussing the recent developments, Holland Mountain CEO Barnaby Piggott explains: “Our core consultancy business is growing as private equity firms are realising the need to improve on people, process and technology.”

According to Piggott, more and more firms are accepting the idea of data as an asset. “As well as our primary offering of advising and consulting, we now have a data service business line to deliver robust data solutions.”

The new data offering: Holland Mountain Data Services (HMDS) is staffed by a team of data scientists who advise clients on data strategy, accelerate data warehousing initiatives and support data analytics, reporting and visualisation.

The team’s specially designed data platform is built to pull in information from core industry specific systems, including eFront and iLevel, and enables firms to analyse consolidated cubes of data. “By fully consolidating a firm’s information, managers are able to create one source of truth,” says Piggott.

As part of its core offering, Holland Mountain carries out operational reviews of private equity firms. Says Piggott: “We’re seeing firms starting to look closer at their operating models, especially if they’re thinking about moving into different strategies.”

Despite private equity’s growing popularity with institutional investors, and innovative expansions into new strategies and deal structures (such as co-investments, GP-leds, GP stake sales, minority deals and so on), the industry is lagging in terms of matching technology to its new layers of complexity. Thankfully, for those attempting to navigate the often daunting and labyrinthine world of technological advancement there is help at hand.