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Operational Technology Report 2024

Our 2024 Operational Technology Report - with in-depth analyses of the latest tech state of play in midmarket PE, profiles of key operational leaders, and more - is now available to download.

SimCorp launches integrated portfolio management platform

SimCorp One is the second part of the firm’s offering after Point Solutions, powered by Axioma

Calculated risks

In a volatile macroeconomic environment, it is key to continuously assess challenges and changes in the marketplace, according to Tim Eberle from the Citco group of companies (Citco)

The key to solving the private wealth puzzle

Unlocking capital from non-institutional investors has always been a tough nut to crack for private equity managers, but tokenisation could provide a solution

An industry in flux

Nicc Wright, chief operating officer at Daappa, outlines the imperative for data sovereignty, transparency and control in a tightening regulatory landscape

Forging the path to democratisation

Providing all types of investors, from institutional to retail, with access to alternatives is vastly increasing the administrative burden on back and middle offices. But technology can provide a solution, says Anduin’s Eliot Hodges

Quality control

Ensuring the quality of underlying data is vital, say Lantern’s Charlie Markham (pictured) and Aztec Group’s Matt Horton and Geraldine O’Rourke

Leveraging potential

Tim Friedman, head of commercial at private equity consulting firm Holland Mountain, explains how technology can support the market

How can technology streamline market processes for operational professionals?

Implementing and updating digital strategies not only enhances value creation but creates new sources of value, writes Beth Brearley

Fund financing 2.0

The rapid evolution in the space calls for more robust tech capabilities to fully harness its potential, says Hazeltree's Phil McKendry

Private equity’s operational upgrade

Private equity firms used to be able to run on spreadsheets and small back office teams. But as regulation intensifies and investor expectations rise, the legacy private equity operating model requires improvement

Freyda partners with Fencore

The data extraction specialist joins forces with the data management platform