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In Conversation: Connecting private markets through AI

The next generation of AI tools have the potential to transform private markets but how widespread is their adoption by GPs, their service providers and LPs?

Q&A: Speed, stability, service

HSBC Innovation Banking’s strategic fund solutions team explain how they focus on agility to solve the financing needs of midmarket private equity

Q&A: Automation evaluation

Jeremy Hocter, managing director at Holland Mountain, explains which AI tools have the strongest use cases for private equity

Column: Govern-ready AI

Dörte Höppner, chief sustainability officer at the Riverside Company, on AI governance in PE

Calculated risks

In a volatile macroeconomic environment, it is key to continuously assess challenges and changes in the marketplace, according to Tim Eberle from the Citco group of companies (Citco)

An industry in flux

Nicc Wright, chief operating officer at Daappa, outlines the imperative for data sovereignty, transparency and control in a tightening regulatory landscape

Forging the path to democratisation

Providing all types of investors, from institutional to retail, with access to alternatives is vastly increasing the administrative burden on back and middle offices. But technology can provide a solution, says Anduin’s Eliot Hodges

Quality control

Ensuring the quality of underlying data is vital, say Lantern’s Charlie Markham (pictured) and Aztec Group’s Matt Horton and Geraldine O’Rourke

Leveraging potential

Tim Friedman, head of commercial at private equity consulting firm Holland Mountain, explains how technology can support the market

Fund financing 2.0

The rapid evolution in the space calls for more robust tech capabilities to fully harness its potential, says Hazeltree's Phil McKendry

Comment: Impact assessment

John Young, international counsel at Debevoise & Plimpton, assesses social impact under the SFDR and SDR

Comment: Retaining control of the detail

Understanding the details, nuances and variables of carry plan management is key for private equity firms aiming to attract and retain talent, argues Ryan Burger of PFA Solutions

In Conversation: Solving for valuations with technology

Highlights from a recent breakfast event in London hosted by The Drawdown on importance of getting valuations right, not just for reporting purposes but also for value creation

Column: Optimise to incentivise

Natalia Ramsden of Sofos Advisors considers whether incentive schemes in private equity do enough to develop talent

Comment: Parental advisory

Barry Fishley, partner at Weil, Gotshal & Manges provides, an update for PE firms on data privacy enforcement in the UK

Comment: Technology’s sustainability challenge

It is time to embrace the opportunities that come with the technology industry’s shortcomings, according to Bettina Denis, head of sustainability at Revaia

The power of cyber risk intelligence in private equity

Proactive cyber risk management is essential to preserving value across the investment lifecycle, says chief executive and KYND founder Andy Thomas

Evolving retail trends

Technology has an integral role to play as private markets adapt to the needs and expectations of retail investors and HNWIs, according to Yann Magnan, CEO and co-founder of 73 Strings, and Jonathan Balkin, co-founder and executive director of Lionpoint

Entering a transformative era

AI-based deal-sourcing tools can automate market mapping and company research, giving firms the time they need for higher-value activities. Ruth Eagle is head of origination at CBPE, a client of deal-sourcing platform Sourcescrub

ESG considerations are here to stay

Dasseti’s Billy Cotter and Evan Crowley discuss the most talked-about acronym in the private equity industry

Transforming portfolio monitoring and ops with tech

Establishing a centralised point of contact and a single source of truth is critical for portfolio monitoring and reporting, says Pratap Narayan Singh, senior director and head of private markets at Acuity Knowledge Partners

Case study: A customised approach

Kim Carter from LKCM Headwater and Passthrough’s Ben Doran explain how collaboration is key for a successful partnership

Q&A: The digital edge

Yair Erez and David Poole, partners at Stanley Capital, discuss how the firm is using a combination of proprietary and third-party technology to accelerate target identification and expedite deal conversion

Q&A: A model idea

A bespoke solution was key for ECI’s deal origination process according to Suzanne Pike, partner and head of origination at the firm

Q&A: Building a tech Nexus

NorthEdge’s Lucie Mills and James Hales discuss how the mid-cap GP is using technology to support deal origination, identify potential deal targets and enrich various interactions

Q&A: A journey of discovery

Philippe Laval, chief technology officer at Jolt Capital, discusses its proprietary software platform Ninja, and reflects on the highs and lows of bringing the system to life

Q&A: Transforming with tech

David Floyd, vice-president at global investment firm Permira, talks to The Drawdown about how the business is harnessing advanced analytics and AI to drive competitive advantage in deal sourcing and its funds’ portfolio companies

Comment: This far, but no further

Charlie Chipchase, managing director and head of Europe at Petra Funds Group, assesses whether the SEC’s long-awaited Climate Disclosure Rule goes too far or not far enough

Column: Brand management

Cressida Hamilton, executive coach at Chryse Coaching, argues it is vitally important for your career to build your own personal brand

Comment: What you need to know about ELTIF 2.0

Karma Samdup and Vicki Odette, partners at Haynes & Boone, examine how ELTIF 2.0 aims to unlock private market access for retail investors

Column: Youth appeal

The Riverside Company's chief sustainability officer Dörte Höppner examines the crucial role of sustainable investing for younger investors

Comment: Court controversy

Matthew Pincus, international counsel at Debevoise & Plimpton, warns that a recent court decision increases risk for non-US funds active in the US

Comment: PE must act now on climate

John Rastrick, founder and CEO of Flotilla outlines the three things PE should be doing post-COP28

Comment: Pain relief from PTR

Jacqueline Petts, partner at Greyhound Capital, says the new Preferential Treatment Rules make the case for AI even more compelling

Networking for introverts

Cressida Hamilton, executive coach at Chryse Coaching, has some advice for those who wince at the thought of corporate small talk

Comment: New year, new toolkit

Griff Norville of Hamilton Lane examines how private markets are embracing the next generation of tech

In Conversation: Solving the liquidity gap in fund finance

Highlights from a recent roundtable discussing the biggest challenges GPs are facing when trying to secure fund financing

Comment: The building blocks

Karma Samdup and Vicki Odette, partners at Haynes & Boone, explore the core elements needed when building a successful PE firm

Comment: Pitfalls and potential

PwC's Toby Venables and David O’Brien explore how to unlock the value of GenAI in private markets operations

Q&A: Outsourcing utopia

Tim Harvey of Citco Fund Services (USA inc), explains how it is vital to build a real partnership with your fund admin

Comment: Rules of AI traction

Matt Guy, associate director at Federated Hermes GPE, details the foundations needed to ensure successful implementation of GenAI in private markets

Comment: Brand building materials

Olivia Barry of Prosek Partners explains how social media and branding have become increasingly important to private market fundraising

Column: Tech-tonic talent

Natalia Ramsden of Sofos Associates argues that AI-led transformations of business will require a seismic shift towards critical thinking

Comment: Time for a new model

Fintech has the potential to revolutionise climate risk assessment in asset management during the next three years, writes Sergei Grechkin, chief risk officer at UFG Capital

Comment: Appeals to better nature

William Yonge, a partner at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, analyses the recommendations of the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures and how GPs can respond

Comment: Who’s afraid of the US tax system?

James Debate, corporate senior tax manager at USTAXFS, explains how European PE firms can unpick the US tax system to win over US pension fund investors

Comment: Pillar Two ex post

Asset managers need to carefully consider the implications of Luxembourg’s proposed implementation of the OECD’s Pillar Two rules, argue Bastien Voisin, Yann Ricard and Olha Polishchuk of Goodwin

Column: A contribution ill defined

The advantages of greater volumes of UK pension money being allocated to alternatives are obvious, says Zetland Capital partner Malcolm Goddard, if an attitude of inertia can be overcome

Comment: Family resemblance

Ilias Georgopoulos, global head of private and institutional asset owners at IQ-EQ, highlights how the strategies of sovereign wealth funds are increasingly similar to those of family offices

Comment: Burden of proof

Amelia Stawpert and Alex Jones of Hogan Lovells analyse the impact of the ECCTA on UK limited partnerships

Raising the Liechtenstein flag

LGT’s Julien Ward and Bjoern Kogler explain the unique advantages of domiciling in Liechtenstein

Comment: Outsmarting the slowdown

Scott Ramsey of MUFG Investor Services explores how finance and ops leaders are laying the groundwork for growth

Column: Everyone an ESG expert? Forget about it

Natalia Ramsden of Sofos Associates considers digital dementia, ESG and the value of prioritising critical thinking

Comment: Beware non-EU entities bearing gifts

Dechert partners Michael Okkonen and Clemens York examine the impact of the Foreign Subsidies Regulation on private equity transactions

Column: Seeking diversity in adversity

Dörte Höppner of The Riverside Company argues that an economic downturn is the ideal time for PE firms to diversify their talent pools

In conversation: The real cost of ESG

With a spate of new rules hitting the industry, alongside increasing LP demands, how much does it actually cost to be ESG compliant and how can these efforts be more than just a cost centre?

Comment: Ensuring insurers and pension funds invest in PE

Eric de Montgolfier, CEO of Invest Europe, says amendments voted on in July offer a unique opportunity to address the shortcomings of Solvency II

Column: ChatGPT: Enhancement or hindrance?

Natalia Ramsden of Sofos Associates considers the ways AI applications such as ChatGPT could both boost and diminish human cognition

Comment: Comply or get off the pension pots

Mayer Brown lawyers examine how defined benefit occupational pension schemes add an additional layer of complexity when a PE firm acquires a distressed business.

Comment: Financing for the future

Proskauer’s Cameron Roper and Paul Tannenbaum explain why it is vital to get the structure and financing right for secondaries

Column: The valuation conundrum

Malcolm Goddard, COO of Zetland Capital, questions whether the industry built up to assess PE valuations is fit for purpose

Comment: A generative approach

Beyond AI's mainstream buzz, increasing applications for private equity are becoming impossible to ignore, according to Lantern’s Tom Richardson

Comment: Mulling cyber risks

Abacus Group CTO Paul Ponzeka examines how to manage third-party security risks without compromising on competitive edge

Column: Searching for harmony

The Riverside Company's Dörte Höppner assesses the competing ESG standards impacting PE and how they could be more in tune with each other

Comment: Avoiding the tripwires

Pinsent Masons partner Mark Shaw details how to avoid regulatory issues when distributing non-EU funds within the EU

Comment: Baby don’t harm me

Patricia Volhard (partner) and John Young (international counsel) at Debevoise & Plimpton say the concept of ‘do no significant harm' in the SFDR is becoming clearer

Comment: Cutting through conflicts in GP-led transactions

Travers Smith’s Victoria Bramall and James Ravden outline five strategies to mitigate conflicts in GP-led deals

Column: You are worth it

Executive coach Cressida Hamilton, of Chryse Coaching, provides advice to COOs on how to demonstrate their value

Comment: Decision delegation

Hamish Paget-Brown, associate at ECI Partners , explores the potential of AI to lead decision making in the private equity market.

Comment: Preparing for regulatory changes in 2023

Ros Clark, regulatory risk assistant director, NatWest Trustee & Depositary Services details the upcoming regulatory changes financial services firms need to prepare for in 2023.

Comment: Future-proofing operational models key to supporting global GP ambitions

Elliot Refson, head of funds at Jersey Finance, says the jurisdiction’s JPF and LLC structures provide stability in a turbulent environment

Column: Walking on eggshells

Zetland Capital COO Malcolm Goddard explores the possible implications of ATAD III, also known as the Unshelling Directive, on holding companies

Column: A mindfully bigger brain

Natalia Ramsden of Sofos Associates discusses the benefits of meditation as the golden ticket to brain hacking

The conversation: Are you prepared? Liquidity strategies in a turbulent market

The Drawdown hosted a webinar to discuss how managers can respond to liquidity and risk management challenges that have been thrown into sharp focus in recent weeks

Comment: Transforming the alternative investment industry

Alter Domus's chief commercial officer Alex Traub discusses the fund administrator's digital transformation

Comment: Welcome to the altverse

Rafay, Farooqui, founder and CEO of +SUBSCRIBE, outlines the need for a novel private markets' digital tech stack to replace fragmented, manual and paper-based workflows of the past

Comment: Empowering the middle office

Patrycja Dos Santos, middle office specialist at AssetMetrix, shares her thoughts on the need for a full middle office services platform and current trends towards tech-enabled solutions

Comment: DORA - a paradigm shift

Robert D Maddox and Tristan Lockwood at Debevoise & Plimpton assess new continuity requirements and suggest organisational and technical changes will be needed to comply

Comment: Antitrust in me

Merger enforcers turn up the heat on private equity: what can you do to stay cool?

Comment: Why the DPI performance metric is so important to investors today

ECI’s Jeremy Lytle urges private equity firms to use appropriate performance metrics as macroeconomic turbulence attracts greater investor scrutiny

Column: The power of reflection

As the year draws to a close, Nikki Swan - founder of Mindful Swan, explores the benefits of self-reflection and the ways in which it can support achieving goals

The great talent depression

Natalia Ramsden of Sofos Associates believes private equity firms can be doing much more to better understand, and therefore attract fresh talent

Comment: Known or knowable? It depends

Nic Müller, CEO of Avega Capital Management, looks at a recent clarification to the IPEV guidelines, and hopes greater harmonisation is coming

Column: You are what you eat

Natalia Ramsden of Sofos Associates highlights the importance of nutrition when it comes to performance

Comment: The dangers of an uncertain legacy

History bears witness to the destructive potential of unplanned succession, but private equity and VC funds aren't planning for it, especially in Europe. Diana Meyel, managing partner at Cipio Partners, considers the dangers and strategies surrounding a strangely unexamined issue

Looking back to look forward

By looking back at how and where the international funds industry has evolved, we can better understand how the sector might develop in the future, argues Elliot Refson, head of funds at Jersey Finance

Comment: Negotiating GP stakes deals in uncertain times

Lawyers from Cleary Gottlieb say careful negotiation of key terms will be more important than ever

Comment: Co-sourcing

Kimberly Kale, head of operations for the PE Back Office at Allvue Systems explains how GPs can have their data and their fund administrators too, without complicating their data flows

Comment: We need to talk about valuations, or face a credibility crisis

Robert Quartly-Janeiro, IR consultant and former LSE Visiting Fellow urges GPs to face the music

Column: Tricky maths

Dörte Höppner, chief sustainability officer at the Riverside Company, explores the complexities of collecting ESG data

Comment: UK LP reform package

Goodwin lawyers outline key proposals of the UK limited partnership legislative reform package introduced in the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill

Comment: Brexit and PE - where are we now?

John Young, international counsel at Debevoise & Plimpton, highlights growing concerns around the EU granting equivalence to the UK and the implications for PE firms

Comment: Coming to terms

Steven Ward and Anjuli Chatterjee of Squire Patton Boggs compare and contrast fund terms between VC and PE, and ask how both might change in an increasingly challenging funding environment

Comment: The Mother of Invention

James Wood, investment funds partner at Hogan Lovells in Sydney, explores fund structuring innovations throughout the APAC region

Column: Reality check

You are the creator of your own reality, writes Thomas Woodland, The Private Equity Coach

The most influential fund finance experts of 2022

Charting the market’s movers and makers

Comment: The world has changed - how are lenders and markets reacting?

With great challenge comes great opportunity, writes Mohith Sondhi, senior director – debt finance at OakNorth Bank

Data, cyber security and AI compliance: managing the evolving landscape

Debevoise & Plimpton’s Robert Maddox and Martha Hirst detail how new cyber and privacy rules from regulators worldwide will impact PE firms, and provide five key tips to stay ahead

Setting the record straight

Eric de Montgolfier, CEO of Invest Europe goes beyond the fiction and details the facts about private equity and venture capital in Europe

More signal, less noise: enhancing the UK’s position as a fund domicile

Despite housing the largest asset management industry in Europe, the UK ranks behind other jurisdictions as a domicile of choice for UCITS and AIFs

Column: Ukraine and ESG

The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine has put ESG into sharp focus for private equity firms, writes Riverside Europe’s COO Dörte Höppner

Comment: Keep your head in the cloud to track ESG

To be good at ESG investing you need an exceptional ESG tracking system, which requires the power of the cloud, writes Ben Harrison of Intapp

Comment: ESG and PE in Asia: rules of attraction

Stephanie Keen, leader of Hogan Lovells’ corporate & finance practice in Asia Pacific and associate Amelia Lee detail regulatory developments putting ESG firmly on the map in Asia.

Column: A song of ice and fire

SOFOS Associates’ Natalia Ramsden continues her series of detailing various techniques and treatments for enhancing cognitive performance - this time looking at hot and cold therapies

Column: The illusion of two paradigms and its impact on performance

Depending on whether you’re in the outside-in or the inside-out paradigm, your behaviour will vary significantly. But only one of them is real and understanding this leads to considerable outperformance, writes executive coach Thomas Woodland

Could NLP be the silver bullet for the asset servicing industry’s challenges?

Tim Mietus of Citco Technology Management asks if natural language processing could be an essential tool for data integration in lieu of greater industry standardisation and ever-growing capacity woes

Comment: Fund forecast

Mohith Sondhi of OakNorth Bank shares his top predictions as macroeconomic challenges intensify

The oxygen effect

Natalia Ramsden of SOFOS Associates details the cognitive improvements that can be achieved with hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Leading managers embrace a new standard in contract negotiation

Troy Pospisil, CEO and founder of Ontra, charts the adoption of legal tech by blue chip private equity firms

Comment: Make it hard for hackers

Drawbridge CEO Jason Elmer explores cybersecurity threats for PE firms and portfolio companies and explains why preventing easy access is key to mitigating breaches

Private equity and hedge funds’ cyber security demands converge

Tom Cole, managing director - UK & Europe, Abacus Group, charts private equity’s increasing needs for robust cyber security,

CTOs: Dealing with (unfair?) pressure

Alex Tyler and Ingolv Urnes of psKINETIC look at the challenges and successful coping strategies

Comment: Unlocking private markets’ ESG potential

Hemal Mehta, founder and CEO of AtomInvest discusses the importance of sophisticated tech when it comes to ESG data collection, analysis and reporting

“C-Suite and non-competes in the age of the tweet” – restrictive covenants and social media

Proskauer Rose’s Dorothy Murray and Nicola Bartholomew discuss the increasingly blurred lines when it comes to non-competes and personal social media accounts

Let’s talk about the data

Tim Friedman, founder of PE Stack, discusses all things data, including the adoption of alternative data sources and how to create a data plan

The DEI is cast

Riverside Europe's Dörte Höppner gets under the skin of private equity's diversity, equity and inclusion problem

State of mind

The final undiscovered competitive advantage in business, writes transformative coach, Thomas Woodland

Comment: The impact of new long-term vehicles with large liquid allocations

Ed Lee, partner at Proskauer, explores the advantages of adopting an evergreen model, as well as the challenges and questions they present

The performance missing link: intelligence

Natalia Ramsden of SOFOS Associates charts the rising trend among private equity professionals of boosting performance by adopting innovative medicines to increase intelligence

ATAD 3: How will private equity measure up?

Andrew Howard, Ropes & Gray tax partner, outlines his thoughts on the likely impacts on private equity of the ‘ATAD 3’ EC proposal, designed to prevent the misuse of shell entities for tax purposes