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5 minutes with… Philipp Neidel and Joachim Mogck, partners at Orbit

Neidel (right) and Mogck (left) launched their boutique law firm to specifically focus on advising the product ‘fund’ and deploy technology to improve and accelerate services

The Drawdown Awards 2024: Legal and Compliance Professional of the Year

Victoria Brown of AnaCap is Legal and Compliance Professional of the Year

The Drawdown Awards 2024: CFO of the Year

Rhonda Nicoll of Soho Square Capital is Chief Financial Officer of the Year

The Drawdown Awards 2024: Technology Professional of the Year

Dee Parekh of BGF is Technology Professional of the Year

Profile: Jörg Helten, CFO, Maguar Capital

Shares his vision for a centralised IT infrastructure which allows for seamless LP and SP plug-ins as well as the road he is taking to get there

Profile: Audrey Kahn, Activa Capital

Five months into her CFO role at the firm, Kahn compares her past experiences in an outsourced and internal senior finance function, as well as balancing personal achievements with professional ones

Profile: Charles Rousset, Revaia

The CFO/COO shares milestones from the emerging manager’s journey and dives into operational due diligence and collaborating with one’s LPs

Profile: Patrick Ghoche, Inovia Capital

The CFO shares what he has learnt from his versatile experiences in investment banking and working for a public manufacturing firm

Profile: Kasun De Silva

From an education in engineering to career beginnings in fund administration, the COO walks us through going in-house, taking on valuations, launching a hedge fund and returning to venture debt

Techwork 2024: Stéphanie Huiban, Sofinnova Partners

Huiban’s entire career has involved driving operational efficiency and high standards at Sofinnova Partners, where she is now head of information systems

Techwork 2024: Henrik Berg, Verdane

The Verdane CTO is a seasoned technology expert with over 24 years of experience in leading and scaling growth businesses and software development organisations

Techwork 2024: Shirin Veeran, Hg

Veeran joined Hg in 2021, taking on the role of CRM and data manager

Techwork 2024: Harry Vander Elst, Clipway

Vander Elst has a PhD in statistics and machine learning, which he followed with a stint at Coller Capital

Techwork 2024: David Poole, Stanley Capital

With over two decades of experience in business process outsourcing and managed services sector leadership, Poole is at the helm of Stanley Capital Partners’ digital capabilities

Techwork 2024: Dee Parekh, BGF

Currently serving as the head of cyber and IT infrastructure at BGF, Parekh’s tenure at the investment firm began in April 2012

Techwork 2024: Brian Mason, BC Partners

Having begun his career in the British army, Brian Mason moved to the finance technology sector in the early 2000s

Techwork 2024: Ian Lilleby, Waystone

In his role as chief technology and information security officer at Waystone, Lilleby leads technology and security initiatives across the organisation

Techwork 2024: Valérie Legat, Astorg

Legat joined French PE house Astorg as its inaugural head of digital in January 2024

‘This is where things have substantially changed’

The Drawdown catches up with Jonathan Blake, the inventor of the LP model and the rules on VC trusts, to discuss fund trends, retailisation and regulation

Profile: Dorothea Sztopko, Golding Capital Partners

Heralds COOs as the agents of change, discusses their role in digital transformation and highlights the importance of communication

5 minutes with… John Rastrick, founder & CEO of Flotilla

Rastrick discusses the increasing importance of robust ESG data and need to focus more on outcomes than metrics

5 minutes with… Myles Milston, co-founder and CEO of Globacap

The co-founder and CEO discusses how the Globacap mission has evolved and grown since launch and assess the digital sophistication of private markets

5 minutes with… Will Roxburgh, Khepri

The managing partner talks MJ Hudson management buyout origins, the market consolidation in fund administration and its consequences for the rise of boutique firms

Profile: Charlie Page, NorthEdge

The CFO sheds light on a succession story, developing a finance team and evolving tech stacks

5 minutes with… Joanne McEnteggart, IQ-EQ

The global head of debt, capital markets and corporate at IQ-EQ talks about private debt challenges, prioritising talent and Ireland’s prospects as a fund domicile

Profile: Sally Beh, ACE & Company

Shares some key management tips she has adopted after 11 years at the firm

5 minutes with… Matias Collan, CEO and managing director of ACE Alternatives

The founder of the German-based tech-focused fund admin business discusses the firm’s approach to addressing industry pain points

5 minutes with… Kate Pljaskovova, founder of Fair HQ

The digital D&I tool aims to assist GPs to develop in-house and portfolio company HR strategies through scientific research and industry benchmarks

Profile: Miguel Gutiérrez, Portobello Capital

The deputy COO discusses working life at the Spanish GP, from adopting new technologies to overseeing the Luxembourg office

Profile: Philippe Renauld, Sienna Investment Managers

The CFO and COO shares his passion for operational excellence, highlights the importance of an LP-centric culture and talks ‘democratisation’ of private markets

What the AI?!... Ropes & Gray

Partner Rohan Massey and counsel Edward Machin at Ropes & Gray discuss how AI regulation might develop, along with key legal considerations for fund managers contemplating the technology’s adoption

Profile: Jesper Frydensberg Rasmussen, Axcel

The CFO discusses the importance of clearly defined roles and how CFOs can support their firm in uncharted economic environments

5 minutes with… Sander Andersen, founder of Finpeers

Swiss blockchain-enabled fundraising tool launches to connect HNWIs through its digital LP marketplace, aiming to increase access to private equity funds

Profile: John Mansvelt, Apheon

CFO and AIFM conducting officer tells the story of his transition from audit to PE, his key governance duties and shaping a new cultural identity

5 minutes with… Jan-Moritz Hohn, Leverest

The CEO and founder strolls with us across the company’s digital marketplace for lenders, and discusses due diligence processes and the impact of Basel III

5 minutes with… Stephanie Miller, CEO of Hazeltree

The Drawdown sits down with the new CEO of treasury and liquidity management services company Hazeltree to discuss its next strategic phase

What the AI?!... Sure Valley Ventures

CTO John Frizelle talks GPT plugins, prompt engineering, educating employees on new technology and much more

Profile: Martim Avillez, Limerston Capital

The COO and founding partner discusses setting up the firm’s operations, combining them with his investment duties and navigating difficult times

Profile: Monica Magrassi, Clessidra Holding

Head of operations and CEO of the holding reflects on more than 20 years at the firm and her evolving managerial responsibilities

What the AI?!... Schroders Capital

Head of global venture investments Steven Yang delves into the machine learning toolset that the firm’s data team has developed during the last decade

Profile: Gerwin Theiler, capiton AG

The CFO and partner reflects on how the industry has changed and talks shop about continuation vehicles and succession planning

What the AI?!... Sagard

Scott Wu, CTO at Sagard, reveals how the creation of Canopy has helped to evolve the firm’s deal-sourcing processes

5 minutes with… Henning Swabey, head of growth at fundcraft

The head of growth for the digital infrastructure provider on his firm’s efforts to create a single source of truth for the funds industry

Profile: Begoña Aguilera Navajas, Sherpa Capital

The head of IR and ESG speaks to us about her dual role and how ESG has developed during the course of her career

What the AI?!... PAI Partners

Marc Boullier, managing director and lead for IT and digital transformation, talks all things Alfred, the firm's own LLM-powered assistant

Profile: Melanie Wiese, Deutsche Beteiligungs AG

The CFO and member of the board of management walks us through lessons learned in the course of her career and how her passion for a diverse and collaborative culture translates into practice

What the AI?!... Montagu

Partner Daniel Fischer believes there are AI opportunities to be developed in risk management workflows

Profile: Yacine Zarrouk, Ardian

Head of Ardian Abu Dhabi reveals to us the strategic aspects of setting up a regional office in the UAE

The Drawdown Award Winners: Flavie Jean and Maria Stasse

Flavie Jean and Maria Stasse, co-heads of HR at Ardian, were named HR & Talent Professional of the Year at The Drawdown Awards 2023

The Drawdown Award Winners: John Eggleston

John Eggleston, partner and global CTO at Pantheon Ventures, was named Technology Professional of the Year at The Drawdown Awards 2023

5 min with… Marcus P. Höfer, base camp management consulting

In conversation with The Drawdown, the CEO explains what the firm’s philosophy of ‘being a sparring partner to the CFO office’ means in practice and talks about industry trends.

The Drawdown Awards winners: Graeme Ardus

Graeme Ardus, head of ESG at Triton Partners, was named ESG Professional of the Year at The Drawdown Awards 2023

Profile: Markus Gyssler, EMERAM Capital Partners

The managing partner and COO reflects on 10 years at the firm, walks through its succession programme and explains how he combines operational with investment duties

The Drawdown Awards winners: Matt Guy

Matt Guy, associate director at Federated Hermes Private Markets, was named Rising Star of the Year at The Drawdown Awards 2023

The Drawdown Awards winners: Debojit Mukherjee

Debojit Mukherjee of Agilitas Private Equity was named Chief Operating Officer of the Year at The Drawdown Awards 2023

The Drawdown Awards winners: Linnovate Partners

The Drawdown speaks to Henry Lin, CEO and founder of Linnovate Partners, winner in the Fund Administration: Technology & Innovation category at The Drawdown Awards 2023.

5 minutes with… Tim Andrews, IDR

Founder and CEO of the investor onboarding hub shares how its latest fund subscription service strengthens the platform

The Drawdown Awards winners: Kristy Trieste

Kristy Trieste, founding partner of Motive Partners, was named Chief Financial Officer of the Year at The Drawdown Awards 2023

The Drawdown Awards winners: Goji

The Drawdown speaks to David Genn, CEO of Goji

Profile: Tony Corbin, White Star Capital

The firm's CFO speaks about navigating across jurisdictions, while using Guernsey as an operational base

The Drawdown Awards winners: 73 Strings

The Drawdown speaks to Yann Magnan, CEO and co-founder of 73 Strings, winner in the Technology: Innovation category at The Drawdown Awards 2023

5 minutes with… Stephen Roseman, 1970 Group

We chat with the founder and CEO about how the company frees up firms’ balance sheets from insurance collateral and in doing so boosts liquidity for corporations

The Drawdown Awards winners: The Citco group of companies

The Drawdown speaks to Claudia Bertolino, head of private equity and private credit, Citco Fund Services

Profile: Martin Sjölund, Summa Equity

The partner and general counsel walks us through the beginnings of the firm’s legal function and its current management

Profile: Eva Lamalfa Gil, GED Capital

The firm's head of ESG and communication shares how her dual role is effective in generating meaningful KPIs and supporting portfolio companies

5 minutes with… Priya Iyer, CEO of Concertiv

We sat down with the CEO to discuss how a company originally conceived to cut travel costs for six investment banks has grown into a leading provider of outsourced procurement services for mid-market firms.

5 minutes with… Phil Westcott, co-founder and CEO of Filament Syfter

We sat down with the co-founder and CEO to learn how his company builds the beating heart of GPs’ investment strategy – their data infrastructure

Profile: Matt Harrison, Stanley Capital

The firm's CFO discusses the way technology helps influence investment decisions and how his firm uses AI to drive portfolio company growth

Profile: Mark Pleaner, Lightrock

The chief compliance officer believes a dedicated compliance function is a vital catalyst across operations, deal-doing and culture

TECHWORK 23: Philippe Laval, Jolt Capital

Philippe is the engineer behind the firm's deal-sourcing software 'Ninja'

TECHWORK 23: Kiril Valev and Phil Knaup, EMH Partners

Kiril and Phil have introduced a cloud platform and are building a data platform

TECHWORK 23: Dan Costa, ICG

Dan is implementing digitalisation and automation across the firm's departments

TECHWORK 23: Christian Schumer, ICG

Christian led a review of the firm's corporate and business services function and is implementing the results

TECHWORK 23: Robert Sciaraffo, The Riverside Company

Robert is looking to centralise the firm's data and reporting

TECHWORK 23: Lucas Root, Innova

Focuses on scaling the team and company, implementing foundational processes and tools

TECHWORK 23: Simon Munday, Bregal Investments

Simon is passionate about data visualisation

TECHWORK 23: Stewart White, Big Society Capital

White manages IT projects and infrastructure, and new technologies

TECHWORK 23: Gilad Amir, Pollen Street Capital

Amir and his team are hoping to use data analytics to improve operational efficiency

TECHWORK 23: Matt Guy, Hermes GPE

Guy is currently implementing a private markets data platform and a calculation engine

TECHWORK 23: Niall O’Toole, InfraRed Capital Partners

O'Toole has worked on the implementation of the firm's ERP system

TECHWORK 23: Simon Bowley, 17Capital

A key achievement of his is helping to move the business away from reliance on Excel

TECHWORK 23: Tricia Mackechnie, HarbourVest

Mackechnie developed the firm's technology strategy and implementation roadmap

TECHWORK 23: A Gabriel Durai, Actis

Gabriel has 28 years of experience in the IT industry

Techwork 2023

Meet the PE professionals engineering the new age of tech culture

TECHWORK 23: Griff Norville, Hamilton Lane

Norville elaborates on his transition from consulting to data roles

5 minutes with… Tim Flannery, co-founder and CEO of Passthrough

The Drawdown spoke to the CEO and co-founder to discuss automating subscription documentation and differentiators in a high-tech world

Profile: Brian Mason, BC Partners

The head of technology discusses the human side of tech and its role in decision making

Profile: Fabio Ranghino, Ambienta

Fabio Ranghino, head of sustainability, shares his thoughts on how financial value can be aligned with impact investing

5 minutes with… Steven Petersen, co-founder of Stavtar Solutions

The Drawdown gets to grips with the ‘universe of software solutions’ Stavtar offers to complex businesses

Profile: Kenny Miller, FPE Capital

CFO at FPE Capital, Kenny Miller shares his views on rebranding and catering to different types of investor needs

5 minutes with… José Zudaire, managing director of SpainCap

We spoke to the managing director of Spain’s PE and venture capital association SpainCap, to understand its key aims for 2023

Profile: Louise Denning, Montagu

The CFO discusses her remit and operational governance

The Profile: Marc Seitz, AlphaQ Venture Capital

The CTO shares lessons learned when moving from founding companies to funding them

5 minutes with… Oliver Freigang and Gregor Kreuzer, founders of qashqade

We spoke to the CEO and CPO of qashqade to discuss waterfall and carry calculations, and find out more about how the company is automating them

Profile: Rebecca Roberts, Conviction VC

Co-founder and COO of Conviction VC, Rebecca Roberts, comments on the importance of understanding the needs of her team when building a successful enterprise

5 minutes with… David Genn, CEO of Goji

We spoke to the CEO of Goji to find out how they are using digitisation to open up investor access to private equity funds

5 minutes with… Clémént Aglietta, CEO of Edda

We spoke to the CEO and co-founder of Edda to find out how the all-in-one venture capital software platform came about

Profile: Phillipe Laval, Jolt Capital

The deep tech investor’s CTO dives into software, data and the intricacies of his role

Preferred, professional, pragmatic

Pierre Weimerskirch, regional head, Luxembourg at Apex Group, discusses the emergent opportunities facing Europe’s largest centre for domiciled funds

Profile: Bettina Denis, Revaia

The head of sustainability is passionate about ESG being a symbiotic effort of a GP and its portfolio companies

Profile: Nigel Diesveld, HPE Growth

The CFO talks compliance and highlights the growing importance of a dedicated chief risk officer

Profile: Sarah Shackleton, Seraphim Space

The COO explains her move from a frontier investor to the final frontier

5 minutes with… Sita Kolossa, CEO of Nordbridge

We caught up with CEO and founder of Nordbridge, Sita Kolossa, to find out her drivers for establishing the executive search firm and her take on the evolution of PE recruitment over the past decade

Profile: Kerrie Chung, Welkin Capital Management

The finance director discusses the firm’s setup when she joined, differences between fund administration for Cayman funds and local RMB funds, as well as Welkin’s tech stack

Profile: Kenta Shima, J-STAR

The head of operations & IR discusses the Japanese private equity market, challenges within his role, J-STAR’s tech stack and setting up the firm’s latest fund

Legal lowdown: Michael Halford, Goodwin

The partner, co-chair of global private investment funds discusses recent client challenges, thoughts on the FCA’s new AR rules and what he makes of PE’s reputation

TDA 2022: CFO of the Year: Rebecca Noyes, Alderwood

We explore the Noyes' rapid development, including her focus and impact which the judges described as beyond that of a traditional CFO

TDA 2022: COO of the Year: Steven Whitaker, Equistone

We explore the operational improvements Whitaker made that enhanced the overall capabilities of the firm

TDA 2022 Rising Star: Emad Shahin, 17Capital

We explore what set Shahin above his peers for this category

TDA 2022 Legal & Compliance Professional of the Year: Martin Sjölund, Summa Equity

Sjölund details the improvements he made within Summa's legal function, which led to cost savings and a decrease in the risk of errors

TDA 2022: Technology Professional of the Year: Christopher Conradi, FSN Capital

Conradi explains what enabled him to achieve a number of goals in 2021, which led the judges to describe him as difficult to rival in PE

TDA 2022: HR & Talent Professional of the Year: Mandi Akali, Capital Dynamics

Akali discusses her proudest achievements and increased push on D&I which impressed the judges

TDA 2022: ESG Professional of the Year: Robert Sroka, Abris Capital Partners

Sroka expresses his passion for ESG, and why he always tries to go the extra mile - a quality which won the judges' vote

TDA 2022 Recruitment: Finance & Operations winner: PER

Dean Terry (head of HR & legal) and Harry Gwynne (head of finance & tax) at PER reflect on the firm's impressive 428 placements in the last 18 months

TDA 2022 IT Provider: Managed Service provider winner: RFA

George Ralph, global managing director and CRO at RFA explains how actively understanding the industry rather than reacting to client issues sets it apart from its peers

TDA 2022 IT Provider: Cyber Security winner: Drawbridge

Drawbridge's founder and CEO Jason Elmer explains why the platform's private equity module was a game changer and considered extremely valuable

TDA 2022 Fund Finance: Provider winner: Investec

We explore the firm's mid-market focused full-service offering for private equity which sets it apart from its peers

TDA 2022 Fund Finance: Advisory winner: Haynes Boone

We explore how Emma Russell has propelled Haynes Boone’s offering to one of the most well-known and well-respected teams in the world

TDA 2022 Legal: Fund Formation winner: Travers Smith

Sam Kay, funds partner at Travers Smith describes what's enabled the firm to have such a deep understanding of the market

TDA 2022 Foreign Exchange Services winner: Alpha FX

The team describe the way in which every aspect of their business is dedicated to the needs of the alternative investment industry