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Craic on

by Alice Murray 16 December 2019

Reforms to Ireland’s LP structure will likely be legislated in early 2020, however, after years of promises, what will actually be legislated and will PE care?

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17 February 2020

Face value

A group of venture capital CFOs sat down with The Drawdown to discuss challenges of valuing pre-revenue companies and implications of the new IPEV guidelines

14 February 2020

The Ocado of private equity

AtomInvest’s recent white-labelling of its software could be the much needed investor onboarding remedy the industry is seeking

10 February 2020

Becoming superhuman

From life-coaching to hypnotherapy, we delve into the increasingly weird and wacky world of personnel development

6 February 2020

Are you being served?

Aggressive consolidation plays across the fund administration sector are prioritising revenue growth ahead of improving service levels.

27 January 2020

Video AGaMes

Private equity firms are turning to rich media as a way to spice up AGMs

20 January 2020

Respecting risk management

There’s no reward without risk but where's the reward in risk management?